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General castles
Introduction ~ General Castles ~ Castell-y-Bere ~ Castell-Carreg-Cennin ~ Castell-Dynefwr
Introduction to the castles of the Welsh Princes

Welcome to my section on the castles of the Welsh Princes dear visitor. Perhaps there are no more emotive places in Wales than these relics of hand built rock, for today one can visit them and almost touch and feel the past. Many times during a late evening I have visited some of them to try and get the 'feel' of the place, to set in my mind what it must have been like to live in them as darkness closed in. We hear today from doctors 'O you're suffering from stress' I wonder just how much stress the occupants of these old relics were under, knowing that they could be attacked and killed at any time.

Whilst my map may not be perfect to scale, and the location of the castles may not be exactly to the nearest mile. It is designed to give you the rough position of those castles you will find on the pages of this section.

Other Welsh castles have also been placed on the map, for they are castles that you will find mentioned in other sections of this website

Map Welsh Castles
Graphics by Ole R.D. Copyright © 1999-2005 / All Rights Reserved
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