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Ole R.D. has sadly spread his wings and left this green and pleasant land. He will be greatly missed but his work here shall remain as both a memorial to him, and as testament to the pleasure he gave others through sharing his knowledge and experience. —R.D’s friends, May 2009

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Welcome to my Website
Introduction to my Nation

Welcome dear visitor to both my website and my country! Wales. It is where the oldest Celtic language in Europe is spoken, and a place where todays visitor can expect a warm welcome among the hillsides and the vales.

So it is that I have, during the many years of my life, seen some of the cold harsh moorlands of the southern hemisphere, stood on the burning sands of the middle east, been among some of the most dangerous jungles of the world, but in all that time, then as now, I have enjoyed the friendship and hospitality of the Scottish, Irish and English people. Nevertheless, I have always come home. Home to my Wales; for its mountains are my mountains and its people are my kind of people! Cymraeg - Welsh

Who am I? well being proud of my nation as I am I have chosen for the sake of this website to be the Red Dragon, The Red Dragon of Wales (Ole R.D); the centre piece of the Welsh National flag which proudly flies throughout the world representing this wonderous Celtic land. That being so, there have been many who have asked from whence did I come?  Answer! no one can be sure . However, despite the fact that I was only officially recognized by my Nation late in the last millennium, there have been many times down through the mists of time that I have appeared on a battlefield as the rallying point for Welshmen when they fought to retain their heritage. So is hardly surprising therefore, that I should remember well the turmoil and strife which has occurred in this proud and ancient nation, and it is lest I forget those memories that has prompted me to set them down in print in this website so that you may perhaps enjoy the reading of them.

So dear visitor if you have the time and the inclination, lean back in your chair and make yourself comfortable; let me recall my memories and tell you of this Nation of mine; of its Castles, Cathedrals, Priorys, Myths and Legends; Places you may like to visit and some of my very special places, but most of all, let me tell you of those Medieval Princes that claimed the right to be called the 'Prince of Wales' and by so doing, ruled this land, for it was they and the men of Wales who gave their all in many bitter and bloody conficts as they attempted keep this Nation free from Anglo/Norman occupation.

In closing my welcome dear visitor, I must mention that I have also included many photographs for you to peruse, some are my own but many are from my friends at Caron Promotions here in Wales, to whom I offer my sincere thanks for allowing me to display them. Without them my website would surely be a much duller place.

I do hope you enjoy the experience of my website, for I continue to enjoy improving it for your perusal.

May your road through life be a long one and the burden of it light.
Hwyl (cheers) from me Ole R.D. November 2005.
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