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Page Three, A Deadication to my Mum

It was my Mum who wiped away my tears, washed my grubby face, put food in front of me, smacked me when I did wrong. It was my Mum who wished for me to grow up to be a 'Man' and for that, as I now too approach my setting sun, I shall remain ever grateful for I did as you wished Mum; I did grow up and I did become a 'Man'

A rose for pehaps my greatest love - Mum My Mum
and the
Setting Sun
A rose for pehaps my greatest love - Mum

The beauty of my Mum wasn't in the clothes she wore,
Nor did she make any pretence it was in the figure that she bore.
However her beauty could be seen by looking into her eyes
For it was deep in her heart that she choose for love to reside.

The beauty of my Mum wasn't in any facial mole,
For her true beauty was reflected by her soul.
It was the caring that she gave, the passion she had to show,
And with the passing of years, her beauty was only to grow.

I remember some of her bright mornings and warm sunny days,
The soft shade that cooled her from the sun's sweltering rays,
Those raindrops that used to fall from some cloud floating by,
Then those rainbows that would appear and colour her sky.

O' we would recall rambling rivers and great shining seas,
The mountains of Wales with forests and towering trees,
The hillsides and valleys that were always flower-festooned,
For it was nature that nurtured us and in it we were always attuned.

Mum had a faithful companion who always stayed by her side,
And of course there was yours truly to care for and to love and to guide,
Mum always had plenty of work to do with little time for play
So often as not she fell into a deep sleep at the close of the day.

I remember Mum you were always there when friends needed you,
You always had a little to spend, not much, but you said it will do
You had a big heart always full of laughter; yes even a few tears,
Most of all you had a faith that you followed through all of your years.

Then when you were fearlessly facing your last setting sun,
I sat with you and contemplated all the deeds you had done,
We even recalled your life that had been more than worthwhile,
Then quietly you said goodbye and left to meet God with a smile.

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