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 National Showcaves

Situated on the A4067 road towards the head water of the Tawe river on the western edge of the Brecon Beacons National Park, is this extraordinary tourist complex. Owned by Ashford Price and family the complex among mountains of over 2, 600 feet, may be the finest wonder in Western Europe.

Mountain to the south Looking up the valley Complex from mountain opposite
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Photograph One shows the mountains to the south of Dan Yr Ogof in the upper reaches of the Swansea valley. Photograph is taken from above the caves on the north side of the valley.

Photograph Two is taken from the west of Dan Yr Ogof. The complex is just visible on the left hand side of the picture, approximately two thirds of the way up. To the right, just visible in the trees, is Craig-y-Nos castle. The home of Madam Patti, who was a world famous opera singer. The upper part of the photo shows the A4067 as it ascends the mountains, the way to the one time county town of Brecon

Photograph Three is a view of the complex taken from the mountain to the south. The view shows not only the complex, but the rocks on the left hand side contains the entrance to the wondrous caverns that lay beyond.

One can not only visit the caves, but one can stay there as well. Contacting the complex can be done by clicking HERE

Cathedral Cave Bone Cave
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Photograph One is of the Cathedral cave; a natural limestone cave formed by the action of water slowly dissolving away the limestone rock over many thousands of years. The River Llynfell, which once flowed through these passageways, has now eroded down to a lower level and can be seen at the entrance to the Show cave.

Photograph Two is of the Bone Cave or Ogof Yr Esgyrn; so called because 42 human skeletons have so far been discovered in its chamber. It was this cave that first attracted caver's and archaeologists to the area and many of the bones date back to the Bronze Age over 3000 years ago.

Continual cutting and washing by a river through soft limestone rock over hundreds of years, has left startling and beautiful stalagmite deposits which have to be seen to be believed. Today's complex owes its origins to two local brothers Tommy and Jeff Morgan from the nearby Abercrave village, in 1912 they used candles and oil lamps to venture into the mountain; on doing so they discovered a fairyland of stalactites and stalagmites. Their journey into that fantastic place however was curtailed by the need to cross an underground lake which was blocking their way.

Having returned home the two brothers re-entered the complex carrying coracles ( Welsh Fishing boats ), however having done so they discovered that there were not one but four lakes that needed to be crossed.

Again they overcame the difficulty and discovered more magnificent passages and chambers, but once again the way was denied them; for ahead of them was a tight crawl. This crawl was not passed until 1963 when Eileen Davies, a local girl and member of the South Wales Caving Club struggled through it. Eileen and others have now found over 10 miles of unique cave, but many believe that what has been discovered is but the tip of the iceberg and that there are many many more crawls and caves to be found. For more information please visit the interesting website HERE

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