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Introduction to Religious Places

I make no statement with regard to religion, for in my opinion it is the right of every person to follow their own chosen path. I do however, denounce those who attempt to enforce either by word or deed their religion upon others; for their attempt's have been the basics of hate as far back as the beginning of time which has as often as not resulted in bloodshed and war. One only has to remember the Crusades that were mounted to the 'Holy Lands' from Medieval England.

Abbeys destroyed by the order of Henry  VIII

As to my own Nation, religion in many denominations has been entwined in its life as far back as the days of the Druids; for the incoming Celts brought the Druids with them. So I hear you ask " who were the Druids '? answer, nobody knows for sure, for hardly any actual philosophies or beliefs of those ancient people exist: so one is left to wonder who they really were.

That being so, the thought of telling you of some of the religious institutions in my nation was born.
Both the Norman and the princes of my nation have helped to supply the tangible proof that religious orders existed, for my princes often as not took the incoming monks under their protection and supplied them with land.

Sadly today whilst some remain; many of those magnificent religious edifices that were constructed by the monks during the medieval times are nothing but rubble, others just have outline walls to show where they once stood: we have to thank Henry VIII of England for their destruction: for it was he that ordered that they should be destroyed when he had a disagreement with the church of Rome.

So dear visitor it is in the following pages that I try and tell you of some of those Monastic places that remain in Wales today either in the form of ruins or of living places of worship; so if you so wish click on those places you wish to visit in the section navigation above and pay them a visit.

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