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Literary Acknowledgements

I have over many years used many books and references in a bid to check facts and events so that I could use them as a starting point for for my own research and the books that I have listed below remain above all others my favourites.

No specific point has been taken from any one book, those that have been taken however, have been amalgamated with my own research. For history and its happenings, while it can be researched, remains a personal point of view when not all events have not been recorded for posterity.

In naming these specific authors, whether they may be deceased or not, I extend my sincere thanks to them for their works; for their literary endeavours have encouraged my love of history: especially my country's medieval period: as did my History Master - Mr. Harry Bicknall of Builth Wells Grammar School all those years ago.

I give no preference to any author, for all in my opinion are equal and the way the books are listed just happens to be the way that they sit on my library shelf.

Alan Lloyd : The Year of the Conqueror.
Glanmor Williams : Owen Glendower.
John E. Morris : The Welsh Wars of Edward Ist.
J.E. Lloyd : Owen Glendower.
John Davies : A History of Wales.
John Miles : Princes and People.
J.G. Edwards : Calendar of Ancient Correspondence Concerning Wales.
Thomas Jones : Brut Y Tywysogyon / The Chronicle Of The Princes.
Austin Lane Poole, D. Litt : Doomsday Book to Magna Carta 1087 -1216.
Sir Maurice Powicke : The Thirteenth Century 1216 -1307.
Professor May McKisack : The Fourteenth Century 1307 -1399.
E.F. Jacob :
The Fifteenth Century 1399 - 1485.
Dr W.S.K. Thomas : Brecon 1093 - 1660.
Dr. John Morris : The Age Of Arthur.
Anne Savage : The Anglo-Saxon Chronicles.
John E. Morby : Handbook of Kings and Queens.
John Edward Lloyd M.A. : A History of Wales.
CADW : Many, Many Publications.
Stephen Friar : Heraldry.
John Edward Lloydd M.A. : A History of Wales.
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