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Fun Tyme
No 01 Received May 2002


Fun Tyme Excellence
No 02. Received May 2002

Hi Ole R.D.
I just made this award and thought of you right away. I have a passion for castles, I collect them. I have the original art work
by Thomas Kinkade used in this award hanging in my art room

Your website was my wonderful find and I loved it!! So to go along with the dragon please accept this small token for your terrific site.

Sandra Gerbers

David Award
No 03. Received June 16th 2002

I live in Naples (Italy) and are very so happy and honoured to send you this award for your website because it was a pleasure visiting your wonderful site, and your story.

For me this award is a bearer of peace and happiness, because I think that your Web site is the reflection of your soul

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