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Introduction to Awards Won

Welcome to a very special section of my website dear visitor.While I no longer apply for awards this section holds the rewards of my endeavours when I did as I am extremely proud that other Webmasters and Mistresses have deemed my website worthy of their awards. I offer my sincere thanks to them for their time taken in both evaluating my site and in the forwarding of laudations and awards. It is those awards that you will see in this section where they are displayed with pride.

I also offer my sincere thanks to those awards programmes that I did not receive awards from, why?, because during the years that I applied for their awards it was their rejection that drove me on to improve this website.

Sadly some of those awards programmes that have presented me with awards have ceased to exist for one reason or another, nevertheless the awards on this site remain the property of those programmes which presented them and remain the © of such.

If you should find an award that isn't linked, it's because the site who presented it is no longer in operation, or they have changed their URL without notification since my last check of links

I apologize unreservedly to those Webmasters/Webmistress's who in 2001 included Laudations when presenting me with awards and I have not entered them, I have corrected that situation since the beginning of 2002.

Thank you once again fellow Webmasters and Mistresses.
Ole R.D.

Graphics by Ole R.D. Copyright © 1999-2005 Inclusive
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