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Meaning of Welsh words

One often see's a visitor to this nation of mine with a vague look on his or her face. The reason is often as not that they are trying to understand a map or a place name. In an attempt to assist them, I have often stopped. Having done so there have been many times that I have been asked to explain the meaning of some of those very same place names, so it is that I have penned a few meanings here so that you dear visitor may understand some of the names that you may come across here in my website.

My definitions have been confirmed by the use of ' Y Geiriadur Mawr ' The complete Welsh-English, English-Welsh Dictionary, compiled by H. Meurig Evans. M.A and W.O. Thomas B.A. to whom I am extreemly gratefull

Afon = River Aber = estuary or mouth of a river
Angar = Cruel Amar = wound
Afal = Apple Aerwr = Soldier
Aerwrol = Brave Allt = hill
Bach = Little or small Bala = place where river flows from lake
Bedd = Grave Bwlch = Gap or pass
Bryn = Hill Blaen = Head of valley, river source
Caer = Camp, fort, fortress or stronghold Carreg = Rock
Cae = Field, enclosure Castell = Castle
Cefn = Ridge Croeso = Welcome
Cwm = Valley or glen Cymer = Confluence or junction
Dinas = Fort Du = Black
Dwr = Water Duffryn = Vale
Ffordd = Way Ffordd Fawr = Highway
Ffaglog = Blazing, Flaming Ffynnon = Well or Fountain
Gelli = Grove Glyn = Valley
Isaf = Lower Llan = Church
Llyn = Lake Llys - Court
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